VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Calls for the Rescheduling of Cannabis

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VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Calls for the Rescheduling of Cannabis

If you follow the professional-wrestling-like spectacle of politics, then you know who Trey Gowdy is, and you’ve probably witnessed him open up a can of rhetoric on someone before. If you’ve never heard of Trey Gowdy, just know that he is consistently popping up to advocate for a common sense approach to issues that have long been unsolved due to corruption and backwards thinking.

The video above shows Trey Gowdy absolutely embarrassing the National Drug Policy Director whose face looks like he won the job out of a box of cereal. But Gowdy shows mercy for a moment, and passes off to Gerry Connolly to finish burying this corrupt weasel under the burden of proof he would need to convince any rational person that Cannabis was dangerous. 

To better understand what they are talking about, here are the levels (known as Schedules) at which they classify drugs in America:

 The Most Helpful Drugs are Scheduled as the Most Dangerous

Do you notice anything in common about the Schedule One drugs? They are all mind-expanding substances, used throughout history by humans as Entheogenic medicines. Enthogens are what scientists call plants that have the ability to illicit a divine experience in the user.

Connolly then proceeds to expose the true reason why there is “no medical evidence” for Cannabis having medicinal uses and why it’s stayed scheduled incorrectly for so long.

“Here’s the problem, only one federal entity (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) controls marijuana for legal purposes, for experimentation, testing and the like, research. Ands NIDA’s mission is all about proving the harms of something!! They have a priori determined the outcome of research. Nobody thinks NIDA is an objective neutral place to go to look at the good the bad and the indifferent about Marijuana! It doesn’t have that credibility!”

Connolly advocates for a separate, objective entity who can actually study the massive benefits of medicinal Cannabis. He then mirrors Gowdy in making it clear that they are not advocating for lagalization, just for some basic common sense to be applied to America’s drug policy. Y’know, to maybe stop imprisoning millions of non-violent Cannabis users…

“I’m not arguing for legalization, I’m not going there… But neither can I justify the current policy of treating it as the WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS DRUG with this classification.”

These two heroes of logic and common sense are a perfect example of how we can reform the bloated beast of D.C. from within, through bi-partisan cooperation, clear logical arguments, and a polite bedside manner. As advocates of Cannabis legalization here at Woke, we are ecstatic to have gained two powerful voices in the movement to end Nixon’s criminally evil War on Drugs and legalize a plant with over 700 medicinal uses and thousands of industrial uses.

If you are outraged that Cannabis is still a Schedule One drug, deemed to have “no medical uses” then you are not alone. Millions of people use Medicinal Cannabis each year, with the number growing as more states legalize Cannabis for medical usage. Each time this plant helps a patient with anxiety, pain, depression, or a multitude of other ailments, it proves that scheduling it as a substance with "no medical uses" is, in fact, a giant load of crap. 

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