Charlottesville and Why We Need UNITY

Charlottesville and Why We Need UNITY

Today, the world watched as a car accelerated into a crowd of people. Not protestors. Not right or left wing activists. People.

The Mainstream Media and Liberal & Conservative rabble-rousers have spent the ensuing hours trying to pin the blame for this sole individual's act of vehicular homicide on the side they don't like.

And I can guarantee you, the rhetoric and finger pointing is only going to get worse.  

When the Fighting Stops

But the truth is that the crowd of people into which this sole psychopath drove his car did not share a unified political stance. Americans from both sides of the political "divide" were standing in that crowd. People of all races and beliefs, running for their lives as evil rushed towards them at 50 mph.

In that moment, political ideologies of "left" and "right" didn't matter. Nor did they matter in the moments after, as people rushed to find help for other injured human beings.

As horrible as it is that it takes a life-threatening circumstance like this to stop the political infighting, there is something we can learn from this moment. And it's not, "White people are Nazis" or "Pick a Side".

That is what the Deep State wants us to do. That is why these protesters were allowed to walk in the middle of the street, with no police barricades or any sort of protection to prevent a vehicular terrorist attack. They wanted bodies, to use as political props to further their agenda of of "Divide and Conquer". 

Divide & Conquer

They want us to pick sides. They want us to focus on the differences in our skin tones, sexual orientation, and heritages. They want us drawing lines in the sand and shouting at each other about years of inequity, rather than waking up to the bondage we all share.

We are all in bondage. Slaves to a corrupt system of corporate government, beholden to the will of elite international banking families. You may know them as the 1%. The Deep State. The New World Order. And they rely on our infighting to maintain control.

They bombard us in the media with constant reminders of how polarized and incompatible the different "races" are, drawing the lines in the sand for us. They divide us by race, by political affiliation, by sexuality, by gender, by religion, or even as something as trivial as what sports team you root for.

But that can end. The division can end. But we must make a conscious choice, and a concerted effort.  

We Must Choose UNITY

This can be the moment where we all choose, as humans, to focus not on what makes us different, but on what we all have in common. Our humanity.

We are humans. We are one species, Homo Sapiens.

Our unity has always been inherent in this fact. But with the invention of "race" in the Middle Ages, humanity became deceived to this basic truth. Atrocities were committed, using race as a scapegoat; and now, in an attempt to honor the memory of those lost in said atrocities, we willingly identify with our "race", mistakenly confusing it with our heritage (that which is passed down to us by our ancestors), which is worth honoring.

We can choose now to wake up. We can celebrate our heritage, while still rejecting the notion that our skin tone defines the content of our character.

We are one species, we are human.

A Common Enemy Unites Us

If aliens invaded Earth tomorrow, you can bet your ass we'd realize the unity that we all share as humans. A common enemy tends to do that...

Well guess what? We have a common enemy. They've enslaved humanity; and they are counting on us fighting each other, because that ensures we will never overthrow them.

This is our moment. We all have a choice.

Embrace unity, or find differences to fight over until we destroy each other.

The choice is yours. Love your fellow man, or perish.

Seems like a no-brainer...

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